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Project Description

I feel more confident!

I work in a very intense environment with a lot of strong characters. I have always felt like a shadow and lacked confidence in the workplace.

Carole helped me to understand why I feel this way and was able to give me exercises to re-train my thought process. She was such a calming and easy person to talk to and really cared about my situation. 

To be honest it was a relief to talk through with someone who understands and was able to give practical advice. It’s still early days but I feel more confident!

Thank you, Carole!





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The correct mindset is the backbone of positive change. The way you think and feel about your own environment is everything.

I am going to assist you to adopt habits and set goals which will achieve then support your overall wellbeing. Using coaching strategies, methods and techniques we can tackle issues blocking the path to your desired lifestyle.

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