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In the changing landscape of the professional world, work-life balance has become an integral part of the view; but how many of us get it just right? Together we can work on strategies to improve stress, performance, and downtime. Whether it is fine-tuning your skills or a significant shift in perspective, coaching will help eliminate the gap between your actual and your desired lifestyle.

  • A tip on getting the ideal Work-Life Balance – MAIL AFTER HOURS
    Leave your email at the office door. Incessant email checking after work hours, does it keep you on top of your game or does it top up your stress levels?

  • A tip on getting the ideal Work-Life Balance – SMARTER NOT HARDER
    Time manage your day by keeping your prioritisation tight. Dedicate a certain amount of time per task. Stick to the script, and swerve the unscheduled, unproductive activities.

  • A tip on getting the ideal Work-Life Balance – LET THE SUNSHINE IN
    Take a proper lunch break; this means getting away from your desk and out of the building where possible.


We can all struggle with our confidence at times, and certain situations can temporarily throw us off our usual self- assured stride. However, for some of us self-doubt and low self-esteem can block our path to full potential. The good news is that confidence can be acquired and cultivated much like any other skill.  Negative self-talk is one of the things that can strip away our confidence, so together let’s start building your positive internal narrative.

  • A tip on building Confidence – LOVE
    Love and appreciate who you are. Remind yourself regularly of your strengths, past wins, and attributes.

  • A tip on building Confidence – EYE CONTACT
    Making eye contact shows you are engaged, focused and comfortable. Adding a smile (but don’t overdo it) will ease the mood as it releases endorphins that alleviate stress.

  • A tip on building Confidence – STAND TALL
    Try not to slouch, keep your back straight and chin up. Carrying yourself like this not only shows confidence, but it also instils feelings of confidence. There is much to be learned from the ‘Wonder Woman’ stance.


We all know a person who can calmly make their point while standing their ground during a challenging situation, somehow balancing firmness and fairness perfectly; this is assertiveness. Behaving assertively without giving way to frustration or anger is a great skill to acquire, and something I can definitely help you achieve.

  • A tip on being Assertive – STAY CALM
    If you feel yourself getting upset, breathe deeply, keep your voice steady and at its normal level, remembering to make eye contact.

  • A tip on being Assertive – GET THE PERSON’S ATTENTION
    Don’t make important points while someone is otherwise entertained; get them to put their phone down or close their laptop.

  • A tip on being Assertive – OWN YOUR OWN FEELINGS
    Keep to statements that start with “I” such as “I feel” or “I believe” instead of making it personal and attacking, such as “you always” or “you don’t.”

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